Meet our team

Finn Mappin

Senior Barber

Our perfectionist barber, boasting 6+ years of official cutting Experience. sculpting hairstyles with finesse,


Owner/Senior Barber

A great barber, with a variety of techniques and an  excellent eye for detail. He will be able to work with clients who have different types of hair and styles, like the rest of the team.



Nour stands to be the youngest member of the family with the most ambition to harness his craft and achieve a place right at the top of the industry – He will do his best to make you look and feel your best!



Mohamed is the oldest of the brothers and has a
deep passion for foods and drinks. His
experience and knowledge will leave our food to be savoured.


Senior Barber

Years of experience, and he is edicated to provide quality service and a unique experience you won’t forget!.



Adriana has made herself pretty well known in
her unique and amazing skills in all the things
that have to do with beauty. She does facial
treatments, eyebrows, waxing, lash lifts, brow
lamination, and more!


Interior Designer

Mouhannad specializes in countless jobs that
require hard work and passion. This makes him
stand out quite easily- he has built and
designed the whole interiors of the shop and
always finds a way to improve things around for our customers.